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What can I say. I had been very anti contract phones for several years, being content to spend up to thirty pounds a month on an expensive pay-as-you-go deal with a basic phone. With the cheque back deal, my contract costs me fourteen pounds a month. For that I get three hours and twenty minutes talktime to any network. A further fifty minutes to any orange phone and seventy five texts. I would never have used that much in a month. It now pays me to use my mobile whenever I have to ring another mobile, thus saving the expense on my home line. But the cream on the top is that I was sent a brand new top of the range Samsung D900 phone free of charge! - I'm delighted - to be honest, you'd have to be a fool to carry on with PAYG when there's deals like this out there. Furthermore, the contract is only for 12 months, so at the end I can sell the phone on eBay and take out another deal with the current top phone...Awesome!