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James Shaw
Very colourful and creative site that makes you feel welcomed when you visit the homepage.All the categories have a picture to make this site feel more interesting and not just loads of boring category names, the content has been created perfectly.To save time you can just order a catalogue if you don’t have time to browse all their products which is great and usually they always have the size I need they're always fully stocked with products which makes them good and prices are quite reasonable too.
I really like Boden site due to its huge range of collections and it is one stop shop for my whole family. The quality of the cloths is good and affordable to pay. I bought Funky Applique Jeans & tops for my daughter, she loved it and it is her favourite dress in her wardrobe. A great shop to spend, you get value for money and you can get the sizes range from an 8 upwards. I recommend this site and you take a look.