Up To £41.25 Cashback

Finding a comprehensive pet insurance policy at the right price can become more difficult as your pet ages, leaving older dogs and cats feeling very much left out. Petwise recognise this struggle and are proud to be the first insurance company in the UK to offer new insurance policies exclusively for pets seven years and older.Petwise have designed a variety of insurance policies that can safeguard your pet for years to come because our old faithful companions are just as precious as our new puppies and kittens. We also insure most senior rescue dogs and cats giving you the helping hand you need to offer an unwanted pet their forever home.



Get following cashback on a new policy purchased wholly online - £8.25 on 1 pet policy, £16.50 on 2 pet policies, £24.75 on 3 pet policies, £33 on 4 pet policies and £41.25 on 5 pet policies.

Earn Up To £41.25 Cashback